Who are We?

AUM Foundation, set up as a Trust, is a fruit of a simple, united wish…to contribute towards the Education of Children in the most impoverished areas and work alongside the pillar of our society…the Rural Community.



The Core Team, along with a band of dedicated Volunteers, have been putting our heads together with just one recurring thought…let’s do something where we can use our experience and share our learnings in building a better life for somebody else. 
We understand opportunity is key, thus, our primary focus is to give these children a scope to experience education…

This Core Team, is a mixed bag of professionals – social project developer, implementation leader, communications professional, journalist and financial consultant – with two decades of experience in their own line of specialization involving expertise in financial planning, strategy formulation, program communication, corporate project planning & implementation, social media strategy, copy-writing, editing, newspaper production, team monitoring etc.

After months of video-calls, many ideations (or at times, the lack of it) and innumerable iced-coffees, we have decided to take the plunge…with our super talented and consistently hardworking on-ground team.

For each one of us, who has been closely associated with the development sector, the knack for working on and building something of our own came from a space of knowledge & understanding, a sense of ownership in giving back to the society we are a part of, feeling responsible towards the many communities who are not as fortunate as us, a premise of confidence, an eagerness to challenge oneself but most importantly knowing that we make a team of honest, experienced, fun individuals who share the same eagerness to do good and be a catalyst for change, in a strategic, holistic and mindful way.

One world. one family.









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All donations to AUM Foundation are tax-deductible under 80G and 12A of Income Tax Act, 1961